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Arjen Bonsing

This site is the home of the ©bonsing|mann models

©bonsing|mann Intelligent Customer Interaction Model

the ©bonsing|mann models

With my partner Peggy Mann I developed an info-graphic based method to visualize the impact of new technology and changing customer behavior on the omnichannel retail environment. Our objective is to analyze and rationalize the complex developments and translate them into visual models that explain in a glance where otherwise many words are needed.

The ©bonsing|mann models and infographics are widely adopted and used by various organizations.

Customer Journey Experts

In 2015 I founded Customer Journey Experts with the ambition to develop a new standard for customer journey analysis and customer centric journey development. Based on the ©bonsing|mann model customer journey model we developed a smart set of practical tools to help retailers and brands to create customer value!

Please visit our website or LinkedIn for more information.

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On this site, we present the highlights of the bonsing|mann models. For more information and the use of the visuals, movies and models for educational or commercial purposes please reach out thru the contact form